Being able to identify the right time to move all your chips in the middle at a tournament can help push you right to the top of the money board. Most players are too tight at these games, so they miss key opportunities to strike and build a bigger chip stack.


Here are some key things to consider about when to push all-in when playing online poker tournaments;


Pouncing on Pot Bullies

Early in any online poker tournament, there are going to be players who push all in with everything in the hopes of getting multiple callers and tripling up. What they are hoping it to be so far ahead early on that they can coast to the bubble and be in the money without much effort. Now in order to capitalize on these bullies, you have to be patient and pick your spot. If you can get to the flop with a pocket pair and hit a set on the flop, then you can spring the trap you are weak and push all-in when the bully makes his move. Not only will you crush his tournament hopes, you might get others in the pot too so your chip count explodes.


Keeping Players Off the Bubble

As the tournament approaches the money bubble, this is when the weak players with barely any chips cling on to every dollar with both hands. These players fold every hand, taking as long as possible on the clock in the hopes that other players bust out so they can make the money. This is a perfect time to make some extra chips with little risk. Each time you get isolated in the blinds with these players, push all the chips in the middle. They will fold and you get a decent amount of free chips. More information can be found over here:


Avoiding Confrontations After the Bubble

Now once that tournament bubble bursts, you will see all those weak players who are in the money go hog-wild pushing all-in. Avoid confrontation right now because you could go up against anything, and they usually suck-out on you. This is not the time to flex your muscle, you just be patient and wait until things settle down in a few rounds.


Chasing Down the Chip Leader

Now that the dust has settled, you will see another shift in play. The chip leader should be miles ahead, so they become the pot bully now and try to go all-in often to take down as many pots as possible. Play your hands, and slow-play the nuts until the bully slips and pushes all in. They are not used to confrontation, so strike with the best hand and hurt them severely so they start playing tighter.


Now you should know when to push all-in when playing online poker tournaments. These are going to be similar in any tournament, because the structure of the game is the same. Try one area at a time, and see how you slowly start finishing higher in the pay pool.