Playing domino 99 poker is similar to regular online poker except for a few minor differences. If you have already played poker online, then the switch to domino poker will be a breeze.

The biggest difference in domino poker is the tiles are dealt five to each player all down, and the betting all occurs one time. The players can bet, call, check, fold, or raise, then the tiles are turned over and winner revealed. With the blanks and ones removed, the best possible hand will be all pairs of fives and so forth.


Here are some other strategies that will help when playing domino poker.


Avoiding Distraction When Playing Domino Poker

Think about the last time you withdrew money from the online domino poker website. If you are like the majority of players, that may not have happened as of yet. Chances are also great that the reason you are not having any success playing online domino poker is because you are letting distractions take away from your focus. Little things that you can do are playing when the television is off, your social alerts are off, and you are not hanging with family or friends.


Bluffing When You Have Nothing

Keeping ahead of the competition at the online domino poker website is all about confusing them about your play. If you are predictable, the rest of the table will be able to push you off quality hands. The name of the game is mixing up your play every round so the best players focusing on bullying weaker players. To do this, start bluffing for the blinds more often. This sends a signal to the table that you are not an easy mark.


Setting Realistic Domino Goals

If you are not making an effort each time you visit the online domino poker website to set goals, you are never going to make a substantial bankroll. Set a goal, and promise today is the day you quit playing as soon as you hit the number, regardless of how long or short it took to get there. This is real money, so start treating your play like a job, and you leave for the day when you make your pay for the day.


Pushing Around Weaker Players

In order to put a player on tilt, you really need to irritate them. When you do this, you stand a better chance of them making a mistake and handing over their chips easily. Taunt the player on the chat feature, begging them to make a call against you. Next, keep raising the pot all, which will irritate them into not thinking straight. Show them your dominoes every single time you bluff them and watch as they get in a hand with you just to try and get even.


Since everything happens in one betting round, you really need to tighten up your play and focus on making big moves. Get a reputation for being aggressive and you can steal a lot of pots.