Soccer Betting

There are two general types of punters. One bets for fun and the other to win. Both want to beat their bookies. This makes soccer betting extremely tempting and your chance to win at sbobet88 can be increased by using specific guidelines. You must be confident and clear about what you will be betting and how you will place your bets. There are numerous considerations when you are placing your bet on a team.

The Team Form

Always check both the recent performance and the form of your team. Read the most current match reports whenever possible. Find out why your team has been lucky or unlucky. Look at the statistics for both home and away. Certain teams do well with a home advantage, others perform better while away. If you check the history between the teams, you will discover it usually repeats every year. Always check for suspensions and injuries. You need to know the players who are missing and their importance for the team. Find out who will be replacing anyone who was injured. The motivation of the team is important because it shows how badly they want to win. Find out if the team is interested in the domestic cup and if they need points. Find out if your team’s schedule is tight because they may be tired. Look into the specifics of their last game to figure out if it was more or less important than their next game.

Sound’s pretty logical, eh?



The Basic Guidelines

It is also important you follow the basics for successful betting. This includes:

  • Only bet what you can afford to lose
  • Do not bet on a league or team you are unfamiliar with
  • Soccer is unpredictable, so you must not be over confident
  • Choose your staking system and stay with it
  • Bet on league matches when possible because team form is not always consistent
  • Avoid betting during the start of the season so you can analyze your team
  • Learn from experience and your mistakes
  • Locate the bookmaker offering the best possible return
  • Ignore outside influences and stay with your decisions and analysis
  • Compare bookmaker returns for accumulators and multiple bets
  • Do not bet if the odds are not in your favor
  • Do not place a bet just to place a bet
  • Only bet on the smallest feasible combinations
  • You will receive high returns for 4+ accumulations but they are the hardest to get
  • You need to keep you betting records, losses and returns current at all times
  • You should analyze your records to determine where and how you went wrong
  • If your day is not going well, walk away


The Discipline Mantra


One of the most important mantras is discipline. Whether you have achieved a big loss or a big win, you must keep cool and remain calm. Do not compound a big loss by placing large bets because this will only increase your losses. A large win should never cause you to start placing sporadic and frequent bets. This will also result in big losses.